August 25

A Story About Learning To Let Go

Rugged Luxury

This is the story I never wanted to write. Ironically, I think I’ve been writing it my whole life.  Let’s take a step back for a minute.

You see, I haven’t really been myself since last December. At first, I just rolled with it, thinking (hoping) it was just a hiccup.  January, February, March passed…well, you get the picture. My little glitch in the Brixtrix wasn’t really going away. So I did what any logical person would do – I powered through it. Ignorance is bliss, no? A few taps on the head, a wiggle or two of the antennae and voila – Pee Wee’s back on, chillin’ on Chairy and no one had to miss the word of the day.  It’s that easy, right? Nope. Don’t we all wish. As much as I tried to self-help and introspect the shit outta myself, all I could hear was the universe…

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