A Night in the Israeli Desert


Last night I couldn’t sleep. My pitbull and tabby cat were a bit annoyed with me, but in my defense it was hot as balls in San Francisco’s SOMA.

Then I started thinking. In college I took a trip with ex-boyfriend Tiny Dancer to Israel. [Remember I don’t use real names in this blog.] That night I couldn’t sleep as well and was wandering among the tents in the desert.

One of the Bedouins and I struck up a conversation as we watched the night settle in. He told me how the best way to sleep is to create an environment where it was cold in the room and you have a warm blanket around you.

It always stuck with me since that night was one of the best night’s of sleep I have ever had.

Then… last night I thought about the Bedouin, my night in the desert, my ex-boyfriend, and opened the windows, turned on the air conditioning, and lay in bed with my dog and cat. And I watched the night settle in on San Francisco.