All You Need is Love


I was watching Moulin Rouge the other day and got thinking about the Elephant Love Medley. It is ironic because I am about to take a walking tour in San Francisco of the old brothels. The reason I mention irony is the premise of Moulin Rouge is that a writer falls in love with a prostitute… er performer.

The pop culture portrayal of love is that it is a panacea to cure all ails. It can direct your life, fulfill it with meaning, shave off the rough edges. There have been great poems written in love’s honor and speculation about its origins.

Given that I have experienced deep substantive love five times in my short life so far, I know something about it. There was a guy I fell in love with on a train and we had our own Roman Holiday during my year in Paris and his in Rome. There was a ballet dancer whom I dated in college… well you get the point.

The purpose of this post is nebulous at best. I would just ask people to think further about what love means and what it can do. We have to enter relationships whole, ready to be ourselves and then join another whole. That is what makes it difficult. You have to open up your sphere to another sphere…

The origins of this post are discussions with my friends as I counsel them through relationship problems. What they seek, what they want. And I guess the purpose of this post is to express my own perspective on the role of love.