February 24




My new addiction is a show called Pramface. Straight from the UK, it is a series about two teenagers who become reluctant parents.

Season 1 has 16 year old Jamie finishing his yearly exams, crashing a party, hooking up with 18 year old Laura, leading to an unplanned pregnancy. This is all in episode 1. Season 2 brings Jamie and Laura struggling with raising a baby. Ok, it doesn’t necessarily sound funny, but this shit is seriously insane.

The Daily Telegraph nailed why this show is so damn awesome:

“The reason for this is because it doesn’t seem to have an agenda; its not a cautionary tale, it doesn’t make you feel smug that your life is not as bad as theirs, and it doesn’t attempt to monitor or dissect anyone’s character or morals. Its only goal is to be funny – and not the funny where middle-class men dress up as a stereotype in an effort to mock the working class, but a less divisive kind of humour. And, in my opinion, it works.”