“Self Evident Truths”


Three years ago, iO Tillett Wright began a project called “Self Evident Truths.” She photographed anyone that felt like they qualified to fall on some part of the LGBTQ spectrum, from bisexual, to transgender.

This project aims to capture 10,000 faces across the USA.

“This is my contribution to the civil rights fight of my generation. I challenge you to look into the faces of these people and tell them that they deserve less than any other human being.” – io Tillett Wright

io Tillett Wright has done a remarkable thing in this project by focusing on the polarization of sexuality. Just being something other than straight doesn’t mean that we are less. She focuses on socially constructed binaries and tackles the laws that would seek to ostracize us.

Oh and here are the faces of San Francisco from the project. You know I have to support my town.