January 05


The Adventure -part 1

Texas Heat

“Sometimes it seems to me that religion has no higher function than to sharpen ones awareness of the extent of his imperfection” – “The Sins of the Fathers” by Lawrence Block

My Dad was a career Air Force Officer. He served in WWII and finally retired after a long career in 1968.

In the interim he dragged our sorry souls over half the planet from St Louis, Mo to Guam and finally, for me, to Heidelberg, Germany where I graduated from High School in 1962.


Heidelberg, Germany. Senior prom in that Castle on the hill.

1960 through 1962. Two of the finest years of my young life.

The sights, sounds, and adventures I experienced with my buddy Sam are treasured memories. And way too numerous for this post.

One in particular is my favorite.

Our senior year. We had a two week spring break. Time to indulge in one last…

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