Looking Up, Looking Down


The Eternal Traveller

When walking through a rainforest, the usual view is one from the ground with just glimpses of what’s happening high in the canopy. The tallest trees reach towards the sun, their trunks seemingly never ending. Lianas swing from on high, looping down and turning up again. Fern fronds reach out to catch raindrops before they reach the ground.


It’s possible though to see the Daintree Rainforest in far north Queensland from a different perspective – looking down instead of up, from the aerial walkways and canopy tower at the Daintree Discovery Centre.


We began our rainforest journey on the aerial walkway, starting outside the coffee shop and rising quickly into the canopy. Even though there were several people on the walkway everyone seemed awed by their surroundings and the only sounds were those of nature. The treetops whispered as the wind blew gently past, the water in McCleans Creek bubbled over the…

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