Day 1: Michigan Reunion


Day 1 of the Michigan Reunion. I am a few weeks into a new job so this week has been all about pulling long days and showing that I have what it takes. (And I love my new gig so I want to prove myself.)

Now the reward.

I met up with a friend / former classmate at LAX and walked down to a car that was dropped off in a parking lot for us. I felt a bit like Sydney Bristow from Alias as a spy. We drove to meet our other friends for wine and food.

Our group walked along the shoreline and saw the sunset over the water. We also ate at a tapas restaurant where an actor / waiter with a fake British accent served us.

I was still hungry and a bit drunk so we grabbed pizza for the walk home. Yes it was a week of late nights and early mornings, but evenings like tonight make it all worthwhile.

Time for me. Goodnight America.