May 28


The Bond Files: 007 Title Sequences: Timeless or Dated?


This post focuses on Bond films from the Moore era onwards. The Connery/Lazenby era feels like almost a completely different franchise and worthy of a separate discussion. 


(above: Typical ridiculously dated Bond title sequence)

Bond films were the staple food of my childhood. My uncle’s house only had one DVD, a pirated copy of Die Another Day (2002, is it really that old?). So whenever we’d go over for our weekly dinner on Sundays, it was part of my ritual to sit on his bed and re-watch DAD for the 237486th time. Admittedly, at that age, I enjoyed DAD thoroughly- even its title sequence.

Recently, I re-watched its title sequence (should have saved the re-watch for when I’m on my deathbed and euthanasia is not a legal option)…. and damn does it look dated.

Screen shot 2015-08-14 at PM 03.08.40Screen shot 2015-08-14 at PM 03.08.44

It looks everything you’d expect a bad early 2000s music video to look like. Unless you feel nostalgic…

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