May 26


The Bond Files: Information on Omega and James Bond Watches

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Ten Things to Know about Omega by WatchTime

Omega is a well-known brand which has associations with NASA, Olympics and James Bond etc.It has the Speedmaster, Seamaster and Constellation collections etc.

What’s in a Name? In 1903, the company changed name from Louis Brandt & Frere to Omega Watch Co.

Precision Timing. The company was known for its accurate timekeeping and ease of repair. In 1931, Omega won prizes at chronometric marathons in 6 categories. The Omega 30i observatory calibre was the first wristwatch to have a tourbillion regulator.

Exploring the Ends of the Earth. Ralph Plaisted was the first surface expedition to reach the North Pole. He and his team were armed with Omega Speedmasters. Arved Fuchs and Reinhold Messner trekked to Antarctica on foot in 1990. They were wearing Omega Speedmasters.

Speedy in Space. Omega was chosen for the space exploration program in 1962. Among other brands…

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