May 19


Bond….Next Bond??



There has been a lot of noise recently regarding the hotly anticipated 4th instalment of Daniel Craig taking on the reigns of Britain’s most legendary MI6 Agent, James Bond in Spectre. The release is always matched by a host of questions:
How will the iconic theme song sound? (performed by the current GQ Magazine Artist of the Year, Sam Smith)
Will the villain live up to the world dominating expectations of a Scaramanga? (Played by the winner of GQ Magazine’s Actor of the year Award and Acadamy Award winner, Christoph Waltz)
How beautiful and alluring the Bond Girls will be.
Will this be Daniel Craig’s 007 swan song….and most importantly, who will be deemed worthy enough to replace him??

That question is arguably the most difficult of any of the 8 previous Bonds as, for the first time, there has been added anticipation circulating the potential ethnicity of said replacement…

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