March 02


Reblogs – 4 Steps Back To The Light

Gfablovelife's Blog

I started this blog many weeks ago; as I sat at my keyboard, with tears dripping softly down my cheeks not knowing what was going to appear on the screen as I typed.

This journey of learning has resembled the honey, now spiralling from my spoon into the Sacred Chocolate drink, kissing it in spirals as its sweetness is greeted thankfully by the bittersweet emotions which I at last, surrendered and dived into.

I must admit that I find it easier to inspire with my stories of travels to paradise destinations, dancing under the stars and sacred ceremonies.  Today however, I show up in the truth of current reality as I share the journey; unlike most journeys, when I embarked on this one, I had no idea of the destination, but I knew I needed to take that first step, into the unknown again.  I had no idea what was…

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