January 15


Eulogy for a Father

Colonel William Goldsmith

Eulogy for Colonel William Goldsmith, M.D.

The death of one’s parent is a humbling experience.

This week, I have come to know my father beyond who he was as a caretaker. I saw him through the eyes of his patients, heard him through the words of his air force peers, and understood him through the actions and support of his lifelong friends and family.

Colonel William Goldsmith, M.D. raised hell for 7 decades. He loved martinis, cigars, dogs and classic films. A native of Los Angeles and graduate of UCLA and USC, he served in the Army and Air Force across global conflicts spanning 4 decades.

To me, his greatest gifts were a love of literature, culture and dogs. Through my father, I have come to know worlds in books, films, countries and cultures I never would’ve seen. For that I will be eternally grateful.

Godspeed Colonel. Goodbye Dad.