Cane’s Bucket List


** From Cane’s Facebook Page. **

Cane’s Bucket List is dedicated to a loving 6 year old Pit Bull who is diagnosed with thyroid cancer with only months to cherish. I am inspired by Cane’s owners who are going through the loss of a beloved pet and yet working to raise awareness of pitbulls as pets and encourage people to take a second look at the breed.

“Cane was adopted from a shelter on 12/26/2008 as a two month old pup. His mom had mauled all his siblings to death, and he was the only survivor. His story was so tragic that we had to adopt him right away to give him all the love and care he deserved. He has an older rescue pitty brother named Bailey who he absolutely adores.

Cane was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in November 2014. Despite surgery to remove the tumor, it was discovered later that his cancer had spread to his lungs and radiation was no longer an option. Even with chemo, his prognosis is only a few months.

As devastating as this news was, my husband and I decided that the best thing to do for him was to make this the best months of his life. We also wanted to give him a voice, not only to share all of his adventures, but to show everyone how incredibly happy, sweet and loving he (and the breed) can be. If sharing his story can lead to one more person seeing this breed in a positive light, if it leads to one more pitty being rescued from shelter death row, we’ve succeeded in giving Cane a greater purpose during his short time here on earth.

Bailey and Cane has changed our lives in so many ways, and taught us first hand to never judge a book by its cover. The bond we’ve had with Cane and Bailey are so much stronger than any we’ve experienced before they came into our lives, and forever we will continue to adopt and rescue to pay it forward in their honor.

Those that know my husband and I know that Bailey and Cane are like our children, our family. There’s no doubt this process will be painful, but we’d like to focus as much of our energy in showing Cane how much he’s appreciated and loved.

Thank you for your love, support, and positive thoughts. He may not be able to talk, but we sure do know he feels the love.”