November 30


Fashion as a Second Skin


J.W. Anderson, Carine Roitfeld, Tom Ford, Coco Chanel.

Through my travels and my time in different cultures, I have come to possess a special appreciation for fashion. I used to think of it as the art of the ridiculous. I also saw ready-to-wear clothes as the art of conformity. Then I watched 16 hours of fashion documentaries on my flight back from World Cup in Brazil.

Fashion can be self-expression. It can be the ability to tell the outside world how you feel and the dream that you see. It can dazzle, impress, shock and awe. Those individuals living in the center and that live on the fringes of society can use fashion to find their place. It can straddle the divide between personal expression and political viewpoints.

So now I find myself in love. In love with fashion and clothes. Impressions, evaluations, decisions. Colors, patterns. Created, seen, displayed. This blog will continue to talk about travel, dogs, culture. As part of that culture, I will profile bloggers and fashion icons that influence me.

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