September 01


To The Enchanted River And The Vast Marshlands

Trish in Transit

The scariest moment is always just before you start. -Stephen King, On Writing

I have delayed this for too long. I’ve been afraid to write anything for the past few weeks. It happens, I guess. You open your laptop or notebook and realize that you have nothing new or funny to say, and after a couple of minutes (or hours!!) of just staring at the blinking cursor, the blank page, you turn away shamefully and ask yourself,”Why am I doing this again?”

The last weeks have been shaky for me. I won’t bore anyone with the details. I just wanted to get it off my chest, and maybe tell anyone who’s in a rut that yep, I know what that’s like. I know what it’s like to be consumed by doubt and fear, to come close to giving up. Life isn’t always what you imagine it to be, and things won’t always go your way. But…

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