August 12

20 Lessons in 20 Years


Lisbon, portugal

Hey everyone, just left the coast of Portugal and I am currently posting from Paris, France! Since I just celebrated my 20th birthday earlier this month, I decided to compile a list of 20 important lessons that I have learned during my twenty years of life. They’re totally random, but I hope you find some of them to be useful!

  1. Extended travel can cost a pretty penny, but it’s well worth every cent.
  2. There are three things that make every tough decision easier: coffee for dealing with the things that you can change, wine for accepting the things that you can’t, and wisdom for deciphering between the two.
  3. Reading is the only way we can come up with answers in the short time we have here.
  4. Journals and cameras are the only two weapons we are given to fight time. Not only do they capture special memories for us to…

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