July 22


Why Every Straight Guy Needs a Gay Friend



This week LGBTiconsintroduces a new guest blogger in the rather delightful form of Mike Montiel.  We spotted him in the WordPress Reader by searching the terms GAY and COMEDY.  When we asked him to guest for us, a little bit of glitter fell out of his hoo-ha and the scream of delight that escaped his bosom was so shrill that it shook the very foundation of Beyonce’s marriage.

Here he talks about why every straight guy needs a gay friend exclusively for LGBTicons.com

Earlier this week I talked about the unbreakable bond between a gay and his Straight Female Friend (SFF), but there is one other relationship that is crucial to the world. That relationship is the friendship between the gay man and the straight guy.

Every straight guy needs a Bromo; it’s literally crucial. You see, gays bring a lot to the beautifully decorated table (thanks Pintrest for…

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