2014 New Year’s Resolutions


It is that time again. Time to make a pledge, make a wish, make an effort to evolve in 2014. 365 days after I put up my first list, here are my resolutions for 2014.

What are your resolutions?

Travel more. Eat Less.
Love more. Hate Less.
Risk More. Calculate Less. (Try something I never learned as a child.)
Plant More. Uproot Less.
Save More. Spend Less.

Additional Resolutions
Learn about top 100 artists
Complete a triathlon, century, and marathon.
Discover 3 hobbies.
Establish key life foundational elements.
Do 25 pushups and 100 crunches every morning.
Join a sports recreation league.
Learn to cook 5 good meals.
Watch 100 great films and read 100 great books.