Pop Culture Roulette Introduced


My best friend’s husband – Pop Culture Roulette – is one of the coolest guys I know. [Remember I never share real names on this blog.] Pop Culture Roulette is a walking pop culture wikipedia page. If you want to know who the non-speaking actor who was in the Nestle 1998 commercial, he has that covered.

Anyhow they were visiting two weeks ago and he bestowed upon me the Fuck Yeah Randy Harrison blog. For those that don’t know, Randy Harrison is an obsession of mine. Since falling in love with him on Queer as Folk [where he played Justin Taylor], I have religiously watched his career and even when people doubted him.

Fuck Yeah Randy Harrison describes itself as: “If all you know of Randy Harrison is Queer as Folk, you don’t know Randy Harrison.

While Randy Harrison is well known for his portrayal of Justin Taylor on Showtime’s Queer as Folk, he is also a renowned theater actor, satiric cabaret superstar, LGBT rights activist, and part time muppet.”

And let’s be honest. I find any excuse to blog or post photos of Randy Harrison. But, check out the blog and give me your thoughts. And of course stick around here as I pass along media moments, websites, and factoids from Pop Culture Roulette.