August 04


James Bond Actor Reveals He’s Gay and Married


Ben Whishaw has confirmed speculation that he is gay and happily married to composer Mark Bradshaw. The pair tied the knot in Sydney in 2012, and will celebrate their first anniversary this month.

The Skyfall star had never spoken publicly about his sexuality before, insisting that he wanted to remain quiet about his private life.

The couple met on the set of Jane Campion’s 2009 film Bright Star, about John Keats’s heartbreaking love affair with neighbour Fanny Brawne before his untimely death from TB.

It makes me unbelievably happy to know that Ben Whishaw is happy. He seems to be such a rare and gentle soul, and a truly gifted actor. Mark Bradshaw is also extraordinarily gifted. May they have a long and happy marriage. Belated congratulations and every good wish to them both.