Tubing on the Salt River, Arizona


Why haven’t I ever been tubing until now? Perhaps the thought of cobbling together a raft or maybe the possibility of floating in a stream of urine turned me off. Either way, neither deterrent was evident this weekend. A group of five of us went early Sunday. Luckily, I wasn’t the only virgin on the trip.

It was incredible. I am relaxed, I am tan, and I am totally in love with this river. Wild Mustangs, Saguaro Cactus, camaraderie and debauchery while floating down a beautiful lazy river what’s not to love?

We chatted with others around us. I saw a guy walking on water like Jesus. He lost his group, but Jesus found his own followers.

Tokens of advice:

Bring enough beer for at least 3 hours
Sunscreen is your friend
Don’t wear flip flops unless you like your feet shanked (wear tennies)
Bring rope to tie tubes together
Don’t forget the ziplock bags for your smokes or other goods

I will be back on the Salt River soon.