Fictional Engineers in Popular Culture

Blue Pigeons

Recently, my little 10 year old cousin Olivia asked me what I was studying at university and I promptly told her engineering. She looked at me and said that that was really boring because it just made her think of a car mechanic. I rolled my eyes, this of course being a common misconception that the general public have about engineers. No, they’re much cooler than that. You know, like in Thunderbirds. She looked at me blankly. I sighed.

She got me thinking about how people view engineering, often viewing it as a boring fixing thing for trainspotting men who are not quite as clever as “real” scientists. I wondered, has no one else benefited from a childhood of awesome fictional engineers? Personally when I was little I wanted to be like Albert the Fifth Musketeer, inventing things to solve the problems, or maybe join Wallace and Gromit in building…

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