Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Bisexual Parenting

A.J. Walkley

In honor of Blogging for LGBT Families Day, I wanted to post an article I wrote about five years ago for the incredible site Rainbow Rumpus — a magazine for youth with LGBT Parents. Please enjoy!

LGBT Parenting: The Bisexual Experience

NOTE: Names have been changed in this story to protect the anonymity of the interviewees.

Rachel and her partner, Joseph, are the proud parents of two children, both 15 years old. Although they are an outwardly appearing straight couple, both identify as bisexual. Their identities have an impact on their relationship with each other, their parenting of their children, and other aspects of their lives.

“From the time I started being attracted to people, I’ve always been attracted to both genders,” Rachel recalls. “I was 13 or 14 when I heard the word ‘bisexual.’ That would have been 1971 or ’72. It was a kind of an ‘AHA!’ moment.”

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