Beneath The Red Pants: Superman Deconstructed

James Rayneau

(Hi! While I do a bit of piecemeal work for these guys I’ll be providing very lame essays like the one below. As usual, the aim is to argue a point and illustrate it with random images. Enjoy.)
The eponymous target of Tarantino’s Kill Bill is known for having said that “Superman is the man. Clark Kent is the costume”. The impending release of Man of Steel has prompted a flurry of fan speculation; will we, finally, get a Superman who fits the bill? After the relative disappointments of Superman III, Superman IV : The Quest For Peace and Superman Returns, some fans are firmly of the opinion that a good Superman film will never be made. Superman, it might be said, is a difficult character to film. In contrast to the massive successes of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and the Iron Man franchise, Superman films have…

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