February 01


Random Stats about Seinfeld


Random stats about Seinfeld. Enjoy!

Total amount of money per minute charged for advertising (First television series to reach this mark) $1 million
Total amount of Primetime emmy’s won by Seinfeld 10
Total amount of nominations between 1992-96 Seinfeld was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor for Comedy Series 5
Total amount of times Jason Alexander was nominated for outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series between 1992-98 7
Total amount of viewers for the last episode of Seinfeld 76 million
Total annual revenue generated in pure profit by the end of Seinfeld final season $200 million
Total number of primetime emmy’s Seinfeld was nominated for 68
Total number of episodes in Season 1 of Seinfeld 4
Total number of Seinfeld seasons 9
Total number of episodes in the longest season of Seinfeld 23
Total number of Seinfeld episodes counting every 2 part episode as 2 seperate episodes 180
Total number of Seinfeld fans on Facebook 4,562,289
Total amount of money per episode offered to Jerry Seinfeld to do another Season of Seinfeld $5 million

Source: Warner Bros and http://www.statisticbrain.com/seinfeld-show-statistics.