San Francisco Mourns the Loss of an Icon


One of San Francisco’s twin Brown sisters has died.

Who are the Brown Sisters you ask?

Vivian and her twin, Marian, were San Francisco landmarks for decades, dressing in meticulously matching outfits strolling in Union Square. They even caught the eye of San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen.

I only saw them a few times, but they were always courteous and brought a smile to my face. They often ate dinner at Uncle Vito’s down the street from my apartment. Their personal motto: What isn’t meant to be isn’t meant to be, so keep smiling and everybody will wonder what you’re up to next.

You know how “Sex and the City” was always said to be the fifth lady of the show? It would be hard to give that designation to our city. We have so many living icons in the fabric of our frenetic, insane, profane, and wonderful city.

I’m heartbroken that Vivian has passed. San Francisco mourns the loss of an icon and we share our grief with her sister, Marian Brown.