Retro TV and the New Year


Often when we discuss New Year’s and January 1st we focus on resolutions, the Rose Parade, and looking forward. I propose taking a step back.

Growing up I was addicted to television. There are addictions and there are addictions. I was addicted to television: 21 Jump Street, Saved By The Bell, Knight Rider, Charles In Charge. (Uncannily enough these shows all had hot male leads: Johnny Depp, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, David Hasselhoff and Scott Baio. Ok forget I put the Hoff in that list.) So in the spirit of my childhood and January 1st, I dedicate today’s post to retro television.

We have plenty of time in 2013 to tackle the world’s challenges, to figure out the fiscal cliff, and to establish resolutions. How about taking 60 minutes to watch your favorite show from childhood and I guarantee you… if it is from the 80’s… that somewhere towards the 45 minute mark everything will be wrapping up. Wait until after the music montage, and Zack and A.C. will have figured everything out.

Sure the endings are sometimes trite, but no one ever accused me or the 80’s of being pragmatic. There is something to be said for the serial optimist and something to be said for the 80’s. Retro TV and the New Year, what a great combo… they are like Pop Rocks and Diet Coke.

In closing, check out these Awesome 80′s Television Commercials that accompanied our favorite shows. Have a great first day of the new year.